LesLTC℠ Announces a Virtual Educational Seminar on May 21st to Remove the Threat of Medicaid, Nursing Homes, and Long-Term Care to your money

Les Robinson created an education seminar on May 21st that will emphasize on How to protect Money from Medicaid.

This planning structure aims to bring together long term care and retirement planning to safeguard people from losing their money and freedom to long-term care as well as Medicaid event. This is the goal of Les Robinson’s virtual education seminar on May 21st at 6 PM. Click on link to sign up https://calendly.com/les-robinson/may-21-remove-the-threat-of-medicaid-to-your-money?month=2020-05
A person can start their path to secure and more fruitful retirement and long-term care plan that will enable them to profit from pre-planning. This is important rather than waiting to begin the plan much later that could take longer to execute, waste valued time, and would cost clients a huge amount of their money.
The outcome will be more fruitful retirement, reducing the future care expenses of the client, and lessen the distress of the unknown. One can safeguard their legacy, family, income, and money, not depending on their family for money in a long-term care & Medicaid event.
The LesLTC Process℠ helps to reduce the greatest threat to a person’s retirement plan and will protect their personal choices and financial independence; remove the hidden financial threats to their money by Medicaid and inflation; understand the consequences of not having a plan on their money and income stream; how to avoid Medicaid spend down mistakes and maintaining eligibility for Medicaid; what other long -term care options available and so much more.
According to Les Robinson, “For more than twenty-five years in the industry, I have been helping a lot of people reduce their emotional and financial liability to their loved ones from a care event. I developed the LesLTC Process℠ to deliver long-term care and retirement planning together into one planning process.”
People looking to set up an information meeting with Les Robinson CLTC: click here to set up a 10 minutes meeting.
About Les Robinson
Les Robinson, CLTC is a long-term care agent, special care planner, educator, media resource, recent board member of FPA. He was also the co-author of “Essentials of Long-Term Care Planning.” Robinson also was part of the Genworth Long Term Care E application development team New York State insurance instructor at Bryant and Stratton College, for CE and licensing for Life and Health.
To learn more about the educational seminar, call Les Robinson at 1-800-875-1040 or send him an email at les@lesltc.com. Visit his official website at http://lesltc.com/ to get a long-term care quote.