Bio of the User and Developer of the LesLTC Process℠

Who is Les Robinson CLTC, I am developer and User of the LesLTC Process℠
The process was field tested on my wife and myself in 2019 . Everything I talked about in the book. I personally used to protect our money from Medicaid and Long Term Care Event

I grew up in Lockport and I also learned early the importance of giving back to my community. As a Boy Scout who achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, I was involved in many projects that made a difference for others.

My own family was seriously impacted by the cost of long-term care. My grandmother health declined and she needed round-the-clock care. My parents and I cared for her for three years, hiring home health aides to assist. To pay Needless to say, they were under a lot of stress. Then my dad had a heart attack. Fortunately, he had disability coverage at work, which meant my parents still had his income during the long period where he was unable to work. At the time, I was a finance major in college. The situations with my family gravitated me toward the world of insurance, because I saw how powerful it was. I realized that if we had some type of policy for my grandmother, my parents wouldn’t have gone through so much stress. My father might not have had his heart attack. I also saw how his disability coverage protected our family. Without it, we would have been in a disastrous financial situation. When I graduated from college, I began working as an insurance agent since 1990. My parents were actually my first two long-term care clients.

Eventually I began done over 125 seminars about Protecting your money from Medicaid throughout Western New York and online across the county. I also was on the development team for E- application of one the world largest Long Term Care Insurance Company.

I began to consider myself not an insurance agent, but an insurance educator. In addition to educating people in person, I also do it on the air. Since 1997, I’ve hosted a local cable TV show called The ABC’s of Insurance.