The Unexpected Costs of Caring for an Aging Parent by Les Robinson CLTC

This means that about 40% of the U.S adult population is taking care of people who are sick and disabled, but majority of these caregivers are taking care of an aging family member. Caregivers help their loved ones with their ADLs or Activities of Daily Living and financially as well. The cost of caregiving is very expenses. As a matter of fact, family caregivers spend nearly $7,000 on average annually to help their loved ones pay for food, utilities, medical bills, long term care and more.
It’s best to include long term care in your money conversations now or you’ll end up
paying around $97,455 annually for a private room in a nursing home. Explore viable options to cover these expenses like by traditional Long-Term Care Insurance or hybrid policies as early as possible.

Long Term Care costs will be another factor to include in the survivorship plan.
Long-term care insurance can help with managing costly long-term care expenses over time. Medicare doesn’t cover everything, have liquid reserves in place for emergencies like unexpected medical bills. If it makes sense for your portfolio, long term care insurance where you can draw on your policy benefits early to pay for healthcare needs.

As a certified long-term care insurance agent, Robinson helps families and businesses find the right policy for their personal planning needs and preferences. Robinson also advises on other planning options, which include:
“Hybrid” policies (typically life insurance with long-term care riders)
Worksite long-term care (individual voluntary plans with group advantages)
Annuities with tax-advantaged long-term care features
Les Robinson developed the LesLTC Process℠ to protect your money from Medicaid or Long Term Care Event
Critical illness insurance
Additional protections including long-term care education and referrals to care services
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Pricing is dependent on age, marital/partner status, and most importantly how much coverage would be appropriate for you –

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