Les Robinson donated his book to City of Tonawanda Library Branch

Medicaid Avoidance Risk Book by Lester Robinson CLTC donated his book “Protecting your Money from Medicaid and Nursing Homes Event” to City of Tonawanda Library Branch

Les Robinson CLTC CRPC developed the LesLTC Process℠ to protect people, to educated, to protect their money, avoid getting the run around, keeps you in control, have more choices and to protect their future. I personally used my process when my own family was dealing with a Medicaid & long-term care risk. It protected our resources, and it will work for you and your family to make informed decisions now that will protect you and your family in the future. Every day, families deal with the staggering cost of nursing homes and long-term care events, families lose their hard-earned money.

The process helps protect you and your family from being lied to and being taken advantage of. It helps to educate and empower you. Educate is the key word. The most powerful tool you have is education. Through the LesLTC Process℠, you and your family become educated about the risks you face, and removes the fear and worry through a complete, safe, and secure planning system that protects your goals, independence, dignity, and of course, your finances.

That’s the power of planning. That’s the power of having the right plan.

When I see families that lose everything because they haven’t taken a few simple steps, it makes me that much more motivated to get this message to as many people as possible and save as many families as possible.
Link to buy book https://lesltc.com/book/ to reduce your Medicaid Risk to Money, Retirement , House and lifestyle