In the Market for Long-Term Care Insurance? Ask Your Employer About It, Suggests Les Robinson of LesLTC

Amherst, NY January 23, 2018 — Someday long-term care insurance (LTCi) may be widely available through the workplace, like health insurance. But you may not have to wait, according to Les Robinson, New York-based agent of LesLTC. “You should ask your employer about it right now. If it’s not already a part of the company’s benefit package, you can ask for it to be included.”

LesLTC is a leading supplier of LTC education and LTC insurance to individuals and organizations alike. “Workplace LTCi is a growing trend,” says Robinson, “and it’s our mission to move the trend along as fast as possible.”

Participating workplaces range from local proprietorships to large national corporations and non-profits.

“It used to be that long-term care insurance was mostly a family thing,” says Robinson, “but that’s changing. Employer-sponsored LTCi is gaining vogue. And anyone can help the trend along by bringing it to their management’s attention.”

Employer-sponsored plans offer key advantages versus ordinary standalone plans, Robinson points out. “First, there are lower rates based on group participation; then there’s simplified health screening with faster approvals. And, very important, the option to include non-working family members such as spouses, parents, and older children.”

“But it’s not only employees and their families that benefit,” Robinson continues. “The companies may benefit too.” Robinson says sponsoring organizations tend to —

  • Avoid unnecessary absenteeism that happens when their people become caregivers for family members who lack funds to pay for care.
  • Attract and keep top people thanks to the LTC benefit, a new gold standard of benefit packages.
  • Profit from higher productivity by covered employees who worry less about the care needs of family members or themselves.

Robinson strongly advises talking to one’s employer about LTCi regardless of whether it’s currently offered as a benefit. “New, company-sponsored programs can be set up quickly, especially for smaller organizations,” Robinson says. “But with our turnkey system, even the largest organizations can be up and running in a reasonable length of time.”

Les Robinson is a leading long-term care solutions agent in IL*,OH*,NY*,TX*,VA*,MI*,WA*,SC*,AK*,PA,NJ,FL,AZ

serving consumers as well as organizations. “We’re glad to help them find the best, most affordable solution for their situation,” Robinson says.

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