You can leave the financial legacies you want by Les Robinson CLTC

Les Robinson CLTC

Developing your Legacy: Thanks to your hard work, sacrifice, and careful preparation during your working years, your financial portfolio now allows you to provide for yourself, spouse and your family. You even have a portion of your portfolio that you believe you will not need during your lifetime and hope to leave as a legacy to your spouse, children, your grandchildren, or a favorite charity. This is your dream—to have enough for your own use now and a portion to leave as a financial legacy later. THE CHALLENGE Still, several factors could undermine your dream. Tax erosion, Long-Term Care & Medicaid event, and market volatility could all deplete your assets, leaving little or nothing for your heirs or favorite charity. THE GOOD NEWS You can take steps now to help ensure that your dream can be completed. If you need life insurance, including it in your legacy strategy can help you mitigate or avoid some of the risks that could undermine your financial goals so you can leave the financial legacy that you’ve dreamed of and want

Especially during times of uncertainty, people can benefit from understanding how life insurance can help restore, preserve, and potentially even grow their assets for future goals. Specifically, repositioning their legacy assets into life insurance can help them counter losses and avoid risks that could undermine their financial goals. You can help them complete their legacy dreams by overcoming threats such as:

• Market swings
• Avoid paying extra Taxes
• Be in control
• Long Term Care & Medicaid Planning

You and your family may benefit from this Complete the Dream strategy using life insurance if you:
• Not to impoverish your spouse
• Have assets that you do not intend to use during your lifetime and that are not needed for support in retirement. These are known as legacy assets. Not lost to a Long Term Care and Medicaid Event
• Have a financial strategy that you have developed in conjunction with a financial professional, and that indicates that you have sufficient income from other sources to meet current and future retirement income needs and expenses, including long-term care & Medicaid Event, and medical costs.
• Desire to provide for and leave more to your children or grandchildren.
• Want to counter potential losses to your legacy assets.

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